October 25 - November 15

Performance night by BCIJPG November 12, 7pm and 8pm


Patricia Brace and Rita Leduc have complicated relationships with the greater Buffalo region. For Brace, the area is fraught with a failed marriage, feelings of entrapment and, ultimately, isolation. For Leduc, the area recalls laughter and story-telling with her paternal lineage but also forces her to confront an oft-ignored sadness for the premature loss of her father.

A year ago, Brace and Leduc decided to introduce each other to these relationships. Inevitably, this caused both artists to not only delve deeper into their respective histories, but challenge and redefine their own relationships with each other.

Using performance and video, Brace extracts the interpersonal; with site-responsive installation, Leduc essentializes the spatial. In the 14,000 square foot warehouse space of Hi-Temp Fabrication, the artists present a location-specific media installation that employs both strategies, revisiting pasts and creating new ones. “I Like You Better Now” is a journey about understanding place and relationships in a world where both are in constant flux.

The exhibition begins upon entry into a windowed room, where visitors are presented with a stage-like overlook. Elevated on the platform, the space is revealed as a real-life picture plane: six inviting windows at the far end of the enormous room, and a forest of tarnished, wooden columns in-between. Utilizing perspectival tricks, the windows seem farther away than they actually are. As visitors approach, a real-time sound installation grows louder and is finally fully audible at the windows themselves.

As the viewers enter the second, windowless room, the only sources of light are from videos playing on projection screens that are leaning, like cumbersome paintings, throughout the space. As the projections flicker with light, nine central pillars slowly reveal themselves. Walking around the massive space and approaching the larger-than-life screens, viewers' bodies block the projection light, their shadows mimicking the towering columns.

The videos themselves are composite weaves of local performances, research documentation, and leisure time in and around Buffalo since the onsight of this project, exploring the effect repeated stays in Buffalo have had on the artist’s relationships with their families, each other, and themselves.

Never fully complete without the viewers' presence, "I Like You Better Now" encourages  awareness of self and appreciation of experience.